What to believe?

“Whizzy imagery out-performs ratings and reviews in Adobe survey”

A survey by Adobe concluded the following are effective in increasing conversion rate.

  • Product tours or multi-media viewing which combines guided spin, zoom imagery, videos or animations with copy (36%
  • Visual filtering and advanced search on product features including size, color, and price (33%)
  • User comments and reviews (32%)
  • Search landing pages (32%)
  • Product comparisons (28%)
  • Zoom (28%)

Well, looking at the numbers not significantly, and it does seem like a convenient conclusion for Adobe, who sell “whizzy imagery”…

Also today I was interested to read this discussion questioning the value of “trustmarks” such as McAfee, with plenty of examples where adding such logos actually decreased conversion rate.

The key lesson from these two examples is to take claims to improve conversion rate with a pinch of salt. Work out what’s most appropriate to your business. Tackle the low-hanging fruit first. And test everything.

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