WordPress as a quick and free Ecommerce platform

I’ve been discovering how fantastic WordPress is – not just for blogging but as a CMS and also as an ecommerce solution.


www.exclusivef1experiences.co.uk is a little site I’ve designed from scratch, offering around 20 products (tickets to the Monaco 2010 Grand Prix) for sale using PayPal payments.

This uses a free plugin (WP Shopping cart) which is so easy you can literally set up a new website with a product for sale in 5 minutes as the video below demonstrates. Once I’d mastered the basics of WordPress, ExclusiveF1Experiences took me about a day to set up.

The basic WP Shopping cart plugin only allows you to list products, not as a grid, and I think would really only work for up to 20 or so products. However, the there are inexpensive upgrades to allow more flexibility, and with or without programming skills there’s a huge amount of scope, and sites listing 100s and 1000s of products using it – as this showcase demonstrates.

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