Call to action: Blurring and Hebrew websites

I liked this tip about improving conversion rate by blurring your website: by blurring your site you avoid the temptation to read the text on your website and can focus on the design.

So in was interesting to be asked to comment on the usability and SEO of an Israeli website, in Hebrew.

Through Google analytics and the Google translation tool it was relatively easy to work out how visitors were arriving at and navigating the site. But it was clear even before this, looking at the Hebrew version, that the navigation is confused and there’s a lack of call to action. The site is about 80 pages (which is good for SEO) but the homepage has over 20 internal links, not including the top and bottom navigation.

According to Dr Mike Baxter who suggests the blurring tip, Visitors decide whether they like your website in one 20th of a second.  And if they don’t like it, they won’t convert.

Even if I knew any Hebrew, which I don’t, I wouldn’t know where to click.

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