Collect in store – an elegant example from The Futon Company

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This is an elegant example of offering a “collect in store” option. I think all too often “reserve and collect” on an ecommerce site can be overly complex, with too many checkout stages, an unnecessary search to locate your nearest store, and restrictions on which products can be collected from which stores. The Futon Company […]

Add to bread basket…

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My local bakery in Stepney looks as if it hasn’t changed for decades, so it’s pleasantly surprising to see them embracing the online world with a modern-looking website, in fact two websites for trade and retail customers, and a Facebook page updated several times a week. When I first discovered the site they were actually […]

Incremental sales, or cannibalising from other channels?

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Reading about the imminent launch of a Gap ecommerce site in the UK got me thinking about to what extent online sales are incremental, or merely cannibalised from existing channels. Gap in the UK has been a notable latecomer to online retailing (along with Primark, H&M, Zara, Claire’s Accessories, Morrisons…). In the US it has […]

What to believe?

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“Whizzy imagery out-performs ratings and reviews in Adobe survey” A survey by Adobe concluded the following are effective in increasing conversion rate. Product tours or multi-media viewing which combines guided spin, zoom imagery, videos or animations with copy (36% Visual filtering and advanced search on product features including size, color, and price (33%) User comments […]

When social shopping can really work

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There are various ways that social media is slowly being adopted by online retailers. It’s becoming increasingly common to find facebook, twitter & blogs on ecommerce sites, and “share this’ bookmarking & product reviews seem fairly standard now on product pages. Apart from product reviews where there’s a proven link to increasing conversion rate (79% […]