On Election day… two good examples of creative marketing

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Two examples I like of using creative and topical themes in online marketing, the first a clever email campaign from Boden, the second a risque Google adwords ad from Ann Summers linking in with the leaders’ debate last week. I don’t know if Boden and Ann Summers do their email marketing and PPC management in-house […]

Is adwords ever “not cost effective”?

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I was talking to the owner of Sunspel, a website selling luxury menswear both online and offline, who came out with the statement “Adwords is not cost effective for us” (not for product-related keywords, only for brand-related keywords). My main experience with Adwords was for Viners.co.uk where my adwords campaigns generated 50% of sales at […]

ECommerce: a threat not an opportunity?

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I’ve encountered various companies where having an ecommerce website was seen as a threat to other channels in the business – either conflicting with other retail channels (“you’re stealing my customers!”) or conflicting with wholesale channels (“why should I buy from you when you’re selling direct?”). Perhaps people who are used to meetings and sales […]