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On Election day… two good examples of creative marketing

Two examples I like of using creative and topical themes in online marketing, the first a clever email campaign from Boden, the second a risque Google adwords ad from Ann Summers linking in with the leaders’ debate last week.

I don’t know if Boden and Ann Summers do their email marketing and PPC management in-house or through an agency; they’re either good examples of creative in-house marketers with a great understanding of the brand and customers, or a very well-managed agency relationship.

Buying jeans because your friends “like” them?

Levi’s partners with Facebook to bring you a unique social shopping experience. Now you can Like, Share, and Shop for Levi’s. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Well, I checked it out and I’m not convinced. Levi’s  just seems the wrong product for effective social shopping; even if my facebook friend or friends do like a certain pair of jeans, how does that help me to buy -online – jeans that are right for me?

Isn’t it just a basic form of product reviews, but without a scale of “liking” and without any useful and insightful comments?

For me, the value of “social shopping” is to a) recreate in the online world the event of going to the high street with friends or b) to spread the word about special and exclusive offers. Levi’s offering doesn’t do either of these. The recreation of real-world high street shopping is much more likely to work with products/ clothes which are more distinctive than mostly blue jeans. The social, viral spreading of special offers becomes effective once it’s beyond the control of the retailer, for example retweeting of offers, or on sites like hotukdeals (as I wrote about here).

I do however like how Levi’s integrate their facebook content into the right hand side of the page; much more engaging than the ubiquitous “Join us on facebook” link on most retailers’ sites. And a rather impressive 287,712 fans.

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